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System Logs

System Logs are used to record information about specific operations. Recording log information can be heavy burden on the hard drive, and can also effect the speed of the effective speed of Vow. To help keep logging to a minimum, the several log files have been provided. These have been devided into specific subjects, as follows:
Announcement Log - Keeps a record of all announcements made.
Email Log - Records email access, but not the contents.
Maintenance Log - Records Engineering details related to maintenance, such as system rebooting & contact failure.
Reference Log - Records access to reference and internet based files.
Settings / Configuration Log - Records changes to adjustable settings. These are usually only applicable to engineering tabs
Other Applications - Keeps a record of when other programs, such as Word or Outloook Express are run.
User Access Log - Records user logon and other user access to tabs.
Data Sync Log - Keeps a record of data sync operations and files sync'd.
Each log type can be enabled or disabled using the engineering tabs.

Users can view the log files from the View menu. However log files can be very large and may take several minutes to load into the editor.

Log files can be printed via the editor, and saved in alternate locations for backup purposes, editing log files in the editor does not change the original log file contents.