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VoW Contact - Introduction 

VoW is a self contained application, that has been specifically designed for communication with remote outstations across an internal network (LAN), a WAN or via the Internet.
It includes a host of features to enable communication with remote locations via correspondence or direct speech.
Speech options include:

Live announcements, (LLPA Long Line PA)
Users Own Recorded Announcements (URA).
Digital Recorded Announcements (DRA).
Scheduled Recorded Announcements (SRA).
The application runs under Windows XP and above and is based on three primary tabulated forms:
The Network Maps and Announcements provide the operational tasks

For further information see : Map Tabs   Reference Tab   Mail Tab   Diagnostic Tab   Announcement Tab  

Utilities, including Automatic Reminders and Logs

For further information see : RemindersTab   Logging Tab   Calendar Tab   Notepad Tab  

Engineers Settings and Configuration (for engineering use only)

For further information see : IP SettingsTab   Map Settings Tab   Help Point Settings Tab   Internet Settings Tab   Log Settings Tab   Announcement Settings Tab   File Sync Tab  

A toolbar and menu are also provided, enabling immediate access to common tasks, such as making announcements, and displaying information.

For further information see : Main Menu Commands  Toolbar