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Audio Level Indicator
Rapid Multiple Selection
Keyboard Access
Zone Control
Graphical Layouts
Multiple Tabbed Regional Layouts
Real Time, Coloured Indication of Free, Failed, or Outstation Mic in Use.
Icon / Graphical Toolbars

Separately tabbed Windows for additional features such as

Technical Data & Drawings
Announcement Logging
Reference Documentation
System Diagnostics
Personal logging & Notepad
Reminders Service
Night Volume Control
Out Station Features
URA User Recorded Announcements
RADA Rapidly Assembled Digital Announcements
DRA Digital recorded Announcements
Scheduled Announcements
Microphones - Local Prioritised with LED indication of simultaneous LLPA usage
From an enabled workstation
Secondary Control centre(s) from anywhere in UK via Broadband
TD tracking and indication
Full timetabled public TFT and LED control