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Diagnostic Tab

This tab is used to check the status of remote locations, either as part of the system or other services that should be check from time to time.
The remote locations are expected to be IP Addressed for contact over the IP network.

Click on the image to see the full size image.

Diagnostic Maps are provided when a graphical representation is required for the display of the system.
The image can be technical, diagramic or purely text based to suit specific needs.

When a user selects one of the maps with diagnostics enabled the system automatically starts to check the connectivety of the devices connected to VoW. As the replies are received they are shown on the map (usually as an OK in green text).
At the end of the test any non-replying devices are identified with a message in red text, such as No Reply.

While testing is underway, progress is indicated by the status text near the top of the tab. The status shows "Check Complete" at the end of the test.
The Data section is used to created and maintain a list of contacted remote locations, this can include any IP address device.

Buttons are provided for testing a single location, all locations in the Pingable Device list, Add a device to the list or Remove a device.

There is also a list box to display any files that may be in the process of being sychronized with remote locations. There are also sync buttons associated with this list that are used to update remote locations.

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