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System Configuration

Vow is fully configurable for maximum flexibility. Multiply systems can be run side by side, and the multiple map tabs can be used for a wide variety of tasks including TD maps, LLPA announcements, Help Point control, System Diagnostics, Technical Data display and Station Layouts.

Vow is a self contained application. It can used stand alone to control a single location, or as the master application to control one or more remote outstations. There is currently no defined maximum number remote terminals that can be connected to the system.

Communication is usually via an IP network. This can be any combination of leased line, LAN, WAN or Internet services.

There three primary applications that can be used independently or together depending on the system requirements.

VoW - Voice over Web Contact application. The master application that controls remote locations over an IP network.

AoIP - Audio Over IP terminal application. This is the main remote terminal application. It receives audio and status messages from VoW or other AoIP remote locations and outputs the audio announcements.

EyesAfar - A remote access program. This power application allows its user to see the desktop of the remote location, control its use, download files, upload files, install applications and perform many other operations.
Possible configurations are too numerous to mention them all. It is however important to try and keep the connection methods as simple as possible as this will simplify fault diagnostics and will improve system efficiency.

The ideal network is a simple LAN, WAN or Broadband system. If it becomes necessary to route between multiple networks the potential for message delay may increase by several seconds.