6. Ordering Information:

In addition to the selection of options according to the requirement, the system integrator must consider product outside the scope of RCIS but essential to the provision of a total CIS solution.

QSL can provide the system project management and can offer product outside the scope of RCIS where requested. This section provides a starting point for overall procurement and project management of any customer information system and may help in the process of deciding on the source for project and system integration services.


6.1. RCIS Scope Limitations:

The RCIS Package provides a complete solution for the Core IT content of a CIS project.

6.2. CIS System Ordering Overview:

6.2.1. Specify Overall System Type:

A. Specify Cable and Component Layout.

1. See Section 3, Hardware Configurations:, p.*.

B. Specify desired Main Features - CRT Monitor Display (Cathode Ray Tube), Audio (Public Address), Other display requirements such as Flap display, LCD Panels.

C. Specify automation level. User always present / never present, auto timetable updates (requiring central computer link), auto service running checks (requiring dynamic vehicle movement link), etc.


6.2.2. Specify monitor public details:

A. Specify monitor type typical eg: 25" FST using PAL scan standard with RGB and separate synch inputs.

B. Specify housing type - Indoors Steel Cased / Outdoors Fibreglass Housing / none (only applicable where substituted by an architecturally designed fascia or similar).

C. Specify housing location - under canopy / exposed

D. Specify IP rating - typically IP55 for outdoor use. Lesser or nil IP rating if used indoors.

E. Specify housing Colour - call for standard list

F. Specify fixing and cabling requirements (whether for action by the supplier or client, restrictions, existing routes, etc)


6.2.3. Visibility:

A. Specify resolution typical eg: 640 x 280 pixels in the visible field.

B. Specify a character size - eg: typically not smaller than will fit into a matrix of 32 characters by 12.

C. State standard of image quality eg: to be as obtained by use of direct RGB cabling.

D. Specify Colour Depth - eg: 16 colours fore and background is supplied as standard but for forward compatibility with promotional picture displays, specify 128 indexed palette colours as a minimum specification for the hardware.


6.2.4. Computer Requirement:

A. Specify quantity and layout of users and equipment rooms.

1. See Section 3, Hardware Configurations:, p.*.

B. Indicate Style of Software eg: State GUI (Graphical User Interface) for intuitive windowed software.

C. Specify desired user monitor. 9" monochrome for maintenance terminals, 14" for light usage systems, 15" for constant use systems (eg: Junction Sites), 17" for heavy use systems (Eg: City Terminus).


6.2.5. Audibility:

A. Specify the scope of the desired PA - Digital Recorded Announcements, number of microphones, long-line remote microphones, etcetera.

B. Indicate the quality required - specify the desired type of speaker and speaker spacing, specify sound card and sound file resolution, eg: (for clear high quality speech) 40kHz+ sample rate, 16 bit amplitude word.

C. Specify zones, night sub zones (areas to be switched off at night), extra zones such as split platforms, overbridge, underpass, concourse, etc.