Specification for ZoneR (Zone Switching Router)

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ZoneR cards are typically used in the SCIS
computers which provide the power source
and can be reset by the card.

The ZoneR is a an interface card that can be used for several different operations.
These uses include:

  • Switching of output channels
  • Switching of input channels
  • Monitoring input channels
  • Data conversion from RS232 to/from TCP/IP
  • Data conversion from RS485 or RS422 to/from TCP/IP
  • Remote device rebooting via HTTP interface

It can be powered direct from a computer PCI slot or via a 5 volt transformer when used as an independant device.

O/SNone required. It has its own onboard Web Server for HTTP and Mail services.
System RequirementsIt is normally used on an IP network, LAN, WAN or the internet.
User ConfigurableIt can be configured via any web browser.
Features7 switched relays
3 monitored input lines
25 pin multi-purpose connector
Size160mm x 105mm x 25mm
ColourGreen printed circuit
EMCComplies with all EMC and EC requlations when installed in a compliant case. This item has exposed electrical components and therefore needs to be enclosed in a protective case.