Specification for WisE

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The VoW-Wise LLPA Suite
page provides access to
demonstration videos showing
many of the features, and links
to online documentation.

The RCIS Configuration pages
and RCIS features page provide
details of system configurations
that apply to both RCIS and WisE
CIS systems.


WisE (Windows Information System Extended) is an updated version of RCIS (Railway Customer Information System).

  • WisE is used with Windows XP, Vista and future operating systems.
  • RCIS has been in use in the railway industry since 1994. It has been retained for backward compatibility and support of existing installations. It is also well suited for use with older operating systems such as Windows3.1 and Windows98.

A brochure outlining these features with screen shots is available for download in PDF format.

A bubble sheet outlines many of these RCIS/WisE features.

The Primary Features Include:

  • Full current timetable access with record editing
  • Fully editable Master / Future timetables
  • Current posting status panel and preview screen mimics
  • Optionally switch between graphical menus or button menus
  • Station layout, System layout and Diagnostic maps
  • User configuration panels
  • LAN and WAN ready
  • Drivers for most popular display manufacturers
  • Logging of faults and user activity
  • Multiple control terminals
  • Operation modes include:
    • Manual - Users have full control
    • Confirm - Users have full control, with some automation functions to assist them
    • Auto Post - System automatically posts, but users can control departing train data
    • Auto Depart - System is fully automatic with operations based on the PC clock time
    • TD Automatic - System is fully automatic based on train movement triggering timetable actions
  • Add, Remove and Edit remarks, comments and special notices

Other Features available as optional extra's include:

  • Digital Reconstructed announcements automated from the train record
  • Script and text to speech announcements
  • Create custom recordings for use in announcements
  • TD Track data automation
  • TD maps to show train movement
  • RTTI data interface
  • TSDB / CIF file train timetable updating
  • Rugby, MSF, GPS clock interfaces
  • Legacy PAL CRT display supported
  • Multiple simultaneous display types supported
  • Legacy Flap controller support
  • HTML web page output
  • Automatic scheduled announcement
  • Split platforms A,B,C etc..
  • Display formats as standard Next Train from platform, Departure Summary, Arrival Summary, Special Notices
  • ATR (Automatic Train Recognition) requires TD data feed
  • Train movement detection
  • WYSIWYG editing

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