Specification for the VoW Application
(Voice over Web)

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Several alternate pages and online documentation are available.

The VoW-Wise LLPA Suite page provides access to demonstration videos showing many of the features, and links to online documentation.

The Online reference pages provide details of the various screens, forms and features.

VoW enables users to communicate with remote locations over long distances using combinations of LAN, WAN, Internet and telephone lines.

There are also a number of optional services that enhance the flexibility of the software.

The Primary Features Include:

  • The system can be run from remote locations independantly of the main control room terminal.
  • Selection of remote locations using mouse or keyboard to select single and multiple locations.
  • Graphical user interface and toolbars make operation easy and quick to use.
  • Live User Announcements to one or more selected locations.
  • Play pre-record announcements at one or more selected locations.
  • Set up schedule announcements to play at selected times and repeat during specific times on specific dates.
  • Perform diagnostic tests on the system and remote locations.
  • Online help and reference pages, as well as web browser support.
  • Simple built in Email Access.
  • Reminder service to show alerts and email messages at specific dates and times.
  • Log and Notepad access under software control.
  • Engineering settings under password access control.

Other Features Include:

  • Ability to set Night Time audio control.
  • Disable or enable a remote location.
  • Run multiple systems on a single computer.
  • Access remote locations using VNC remote access programs or our inbuilt browser.
  • Record your own announcements.