Specification for a SCIS Computer

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The board layout may vary
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SCIS stands for Satellite Customer Information System. These are small size, fully functional computer systems that can be used for any purpose. They are especially useful where space is limited.

Common uses include DVC's or LLPA remote outstations.

When low powered processors are used the SCIS can be run without fans. Higher power processors do need cooling fans.

The main boards are off the shelf items making them easy to replace or upgrade.

The connector configurations can vary depending on model and manufacturer. However all naormally have USB connectors, a serial comm port, Mouse and keyboard PS/2 connectors and a Video output.
Other options that can vary include Audio jack connectors, LAN RJ45 Ethernet, Parellel port and a composit video phono connector.

They use an external 12V power supply and are fitted with an on/off switch and power LED.

A 2.5" hard drive can be fitted inside the case. A riser card can also be fitted that enables one PCI card to be fitted.

Recommended operating systems include XP and above