Specification for Point of Sale Systems

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Further details on how to use the POS system
use can be found in the user manual.

The computer system will normally be a
desktop or rack mountable 4U High Industrial Computer.
When there are a large number of kiosk windows
the Mammoth computer can be used in preference
to having additonal systems.

Point of Sale systems are often provided for use at sales kiosks. The standard system enables users to control display status messages by using a simple keypad at each kiosk position.

The status messages can be dislayed on a TFT, CRT, Plasma screen in graphical format and/or text. LED display alternates are also catered for.

Kiosk Control Keypad

The keypad normally has 4 or more buttons, these can be selected by the user to change the type of information on display. For example:

  • Open window - This removes the screen saver or window closed message. An announcement message can also be played.
  • Close window - This displays the window closing / closed message and any screen saver slides.
  • Next customer message - Displays a message when a window is available for the next customer. An announcement message can also be played.

Display Formats

The message shown on displays can be:

  • Text Only
  • Graphical / Image
  • Text with an image background

The displays can either be static or a slide show effect created from several messages cycling on a display.

All display messages can be individually configured for each kiosk window, providing an extremely flexible array of options, visual effects and uses.

Audible Announcements

Pre-recorded announcements can also be played to coincide with specific key presses or message display.

Live announcement facilities can also be added to the system as an optional extra.