Specification for the "Mammoth" 4U High Industrial Computers

Click the image for a full size view.
Note that this image shows:
  • 15 ISA slots - some with cards inserted
    one of them holds the SBC
    (Single Board Computer).
  • 5 PCI slots.

The Mammoth Industrial Computer is simular to the 4U unit. The difference is in the size and internal layout.
It is deeper in size to provide room for more expansion cards. The expansion slots span the entire width of the rear panel of the computer.
See the 4U product sheet and the specification for the 4U computer.

ConfigurationsCan be configured with ISA slots, PCI slots or combinations of both ISA and PCI.
Standard ATX main boards can also be used.
CoolingCase cooling fans are located at the front of the unit, and there are three fans in the centre. Configurations can vary depending on system needs.
FiltersAir fan filters are provided, these are removable, washable and easily replaced.
Power SupplyUses standard Power Supply Units.
CaseSteel case is normally black. Is also available in cream/beige.
Drive BaysRemovable drive bays hold
One 3.5" drive
Three 5" drive bays / hard drive bays.
SlotsHas slots for up to 3 expansion cards at the rear.
SwitchesSwitches and drive access is protected by a lockable door on the front.
Optional AccessoriesFlanges for 19" rack.
USB Slots.
Overall Size600mm deep (including handles) 450mm wide (excluding flanges) 170mm high.