Specification for Eye Explorer

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This is a stand-alone application that is easy to install and use. It can also be configured to suit individual needs.


Installation is just a question of running the setup program and choosing where the files are to be installed.

Starting the Application

To start the program you only need to run the EyeX.exe program.


All configuration settings are edited in the EyeX.ini file. The INI file must be placed in the same folder as the program in order for it to be identified.

User data files are also stored on the remote computer. These can be in a different location from the program files.


O/SWindows98, XP, Vista
System RequirementsRequires TCP/IP network enabled.
ConfigurationsThe program can be run visible or hidden when required.
User ConfigurableSettings can be amended manually in the associated INI file.
DependanciesThis application works independently of other programs.
Works with most internet browsers.
Related ProductsComplementary applications include Eyes-A-Far, which provides visual access to the remote desktop applications.
Multiple PasswordsThese can be used for both Authorized access and User specific access rights.
File AccessUsers can perform many explorer type tasks including :
  • View a directory list and folder contents.
  • File contents
  • Download files
  • Upload files
  • Edit file contents
  • Run batch files and programs on the remote computer
  • Delete files
  • Copy files
  • Create folders