Specification for Eyes-A-Far

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This is a stand-alone application that is easy to install and use. It can also be configured to suit individual needs.


Installation is just a question of running the setup program and choosing where the files are to be installed.

Starting the Application

To start the program you only need to run the EyesAFar.exe program.


All configuration settings are edited in the EyesAFar.ini file. The INI file must be placed in the same folder as the program in order for it to be identified.
See the configuration page for further configuration details.


O/SWindows98, XP, Vista
System RequirementsRequires TCP/IP network enabled
ConfigurationsThe program can be run visible or hidden. Image of Program when visible.
User ConfigurableSettings can be amended manually in the associated INI file,
or changed when needed via an online configuration form.
DependanciesThis application works independently of other programs
Works with most internet browsers
Related ProductsComplementary applications include Eye Explorer, which provides direct access to hard drive files.
FeaturesUser customizable list of available applications that can be run remotely from a drop down menu.
Multiple password access. See image of logon form. Passwords are change using the Who Am I form.
Who Am I - To view remote indentity details. Sample WhoAmI page.
Preferences - Customize remote connection options. Sample form.
Automatic refresh option
Run App - To start remote applications. Sample form.
SetINI - To set INI data in remote configuration files. Sample form.
Upload - Uploads files to the remote location. Sample form.
View the Left Monitor, Middle Monitor, Right Monitor, All Monitors or Top left Quarter of the main screen - Click one of the available links shows that screen image. Sample image of Links.
Send special key commands to the remote location. Sample image of the list.
Send keyboard entries to the remote location. Sample image of a line entry with a special "{backspace}" character command included.
Run preselected applications quickly from a drop down list. The list can be edited by the system users. Sample image of list.
Select either colour screen capture or Black & White. These are set using the preference form.
Select image quality 10% to 100% Jpeg resolution. These are set using the preference form.
Set the time delay between screen clicks and the image return. These are set using the preference form.
Set the application refresh interval when automatic refresh mode is selected. These are set using the preference form.
Displays the date time of the remote system. Sample image of date time.
Online help pages. Sample of online help links.