Specification for Display Drivers

Device drivers can vary tremendously depending on the display type & format, communication protocols, operating system and number of displays controlled.

QSL have developed a large number of display drivers for use with most of the main display manufacturers systems.

QSL also supports legacy equipment such as flap controllers and PAL CRT's.

The main protocol in use on railway systems is currently the EDF protocol which has been adopted by Network Rail and is now available for use with displays from most major display manufactures.

With modern IP networks and displays that are relatively intelligent the is no longer a need for special or bespoke drivers.

QSL can also supply these displays.

Many of the displays can be controlled using our existing range of driver applications, some of which are listed below.

  • TFT displays (4x3, Wide Screen, or Portrait)
  • Plasma (Wide Screen, or Portrait)
  • LED 3 Line Displays
  • LED Portrait & Landscape Displays
  • CRT Displays
  • Flaps