CCM Cards and Accessories

Queensgate's longest established and most successful product, the CCM card is described here with a quick preview of accessories and companion products available.

Images and specifications are typical and particular equipment shown may be replaced by other similar equipment.
All specifications subject to options purchased and subject to change.
CCM is a trademark for the Queensgate Systems Ltd.


The CCM card range is designed
to be robust and adaptable.

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The Landmark CCM1V5

The main PAL scan format RGB broadcast quality output This the 5th version of the first in the 640 x 280 pixel display card. CCM series backward compatible with the earlier CCM1v1 to 1v4. Capable also of PAL, NTSC and low res VGA (320 x 480 at VGA scan rate).

While this card is plugged into an ISA slot as standard, where ISA slots are rare, it can be run from (connected to) another CCM card that is in an ISA slot. This is termed as a Slave card running off a Master. It can also run in extension crates - see below.

Features hardware flashing, a 100MHz DAC and precision cable impedance matching.

The Plasma CCM1V6

Capable of a range of resolutions up to 800 by 600, the main use for this card is for Plasma screens running at 852 x 480 (wide Screen) resolution.

Features as above for the 1v5.

This card can also be used for any VGA based display device including TFT that operate with the display resulations above.

The ACM1V1 Audio Card

The ACM is an industrial standard mono audio sound card.
It features isolated balanced audio output and 41KHz sampling at 8 or 16 bit resolutions. It's interface is sufficiently simple to allow software drivers to be written into the host application. It's I/O only interface architecture and lack of interrupts makes this card popular where stability is critical.

The Crate Accessory

The CCM range can be run from the ISA slot, a ribbon cable (as above) or housed in an expansion crate as left (internal mainboard shown below).

This requires ISA extension cards. The below IO/IF cards facilitate this via a 37 way screened ribbon cable.