Specification for Broadband Services

QSL is a reseller of broadband services. These services are not the cheapest available in the UK but they do provide a good reliable service with unlimitted bandwidth.
These services are ideal for users who need a service that is permanently on, such as:

  • Hosting your own Web Site on your computer
  • Providing a dowload service
  • A large number of VoIP telephone calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Online TV viewing

Two services are available with three broadband speeds. The choice of service will depend on how you wish to use your connection.
It is important to also consider:

  • The contention ratio
    This defines the number of users sharing the same broadband connection. Broadband services from most of the popular providers are normally shared at the exchange end of the telephone line with up to 50 other users. It is rare that all 50 will be on line together or performing long tasks such as downloads or watching video at the same time so the effect on the service is rarely impaired to an unreasonable extent.
    We offer two contention ratio services 50:1 and 20:1. The 20:1 ratio is normally used by businesses and can be faster, however there is a higher charge for this service.
  • Bandwidth
    The bandwidth can be limited by the provider. They are obligated by law to state this limitation. Many providers will stop the service if you exceed your limit or will apply additional charges.
    The broadband service with provide will not do this it is unlimitted. Reasonable use rules do apply but are unlikely to effect normal internet users.
  • Connection method
    Modern broadband connections are more commonly becoming LAN router based, rather than a connection only when needed.
    Either connection method can be used with our broadband services.
  • Connection speed
    Modern broadband connections are getting faster. However the governing facter for speed is also restricted by the upload speed not just the download speed that providers specify.
    The download speed is often specified in megabits per second (Mbps) or kilobits per second (Kbps). Upload speeds are normally restricted to 256 Kbps, this effects the maximum speed of your connection, as all messages and download packages need to be acknowlegded by sending a message back in response to each one.

 Service Costs
  • All broadband services we offer are charged as an annual fee.
  • Payments must be made in advance.
  • No hardware will be supplied as part of this service.
  • A working BT telephone line.

  •   Contention    Speed    Annual Charge  
    50:1512240 + VAT
    50:11024300 + VAT
    50:12048372 + VAT
    20:11024420 + VAT
    20:12048552 + VAT

    Minimum Recommended Requirements

    If you need advice on any of these requirements, please call us for clarification.

    • You will need an ADSL modem compatible for use on a BT telephone line.
    • You will need one or more micro-filters to connect the router and any telephones to your telephone wall box. You will get interference without them.
    • Your PC will need to connect to the router via either a LAN cable (RJ45 ethernet connector) or USB port.


    Cancellations will normally be accepted at any time during the service period.


    Refunds may be available subject the following conditions.

    • If there is more than three months of the service still to run.
    • Refunds will be for the remaining portion of the annual payment based on the number of whole months remaining minus three twelves of the annual fee.
    • Special contractual or other agreement.

     Dial-up Alternative

    QSL can also offer as an alternative to broadband a telephone dial up connection with no connection charge. You simply pay for the telephone call. Some telephone companies will let you add this to their FREE friend and families numbers.