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Data Sheet

Audio Pre-Amplifier

The B-Tech BT26 pre-amplifier is a small format pre-amp ideal for use in confined areas where rack mount and desktop units would be inconvenient.

Inputs are provided for stereo & mono jacks, or stereo left and right channel phono connectors.

Outputs are right and left phono connectors on the rear of the unit.

The unit is ideal for connection of a microphone to a PC, and can be used for most other line in and microphone combinations that need to be pre-amplified.

Other Specification Details.

·         Overall size is 135mm wide x 40mm high x 77mm deep.

·         Stereo 6.5mm jack input on front panel.

·         Mono 6.5mm jack input on front panel.

·         Left (white) and Right(red) input channel gold plated phono connectors.

·         Manual input selection switch, to change jack input or phone input options, allowing multiple devices to be connected and switched when necessary.

·         Left (white) and Right(red) output channel gold plated phono connectors.

·         A red power LED is located at the front of the unit.

·         The unit is powered by an external 12DV transfer connecting to a 1.3mm DC jack socket on the back of the unit. The unit requires 12V to 15V DC at 100ma.

·         Input impedance: 50k ohm at 1kHz.

·         Input Level: 0.5mV Mic / 3mV phono.

·         Gain: 50db Mic / 34db phono.

·         Signal / Noise Ratio: >48db Mic / >55 db phono.

·         Freq Response Mic: +1db to –3db, 70Hz-20kHz

·         Equalisation Phono: RlAA: 1db to –3db, 30hz-20khz.

·         Output Level: 150mV RMS.

·         Load Impedence: >10k ohms.

·         Overload maximum: 23db

·         Crosstalk: 55db.

Optional Usage

When using with two input jacks, one for each channel the Stereo jack can be used for the left channel input and the MONO jack for the right channel input. In normal use all microphone inputs will be via the jack sockets, and line input via the phono connectors.



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