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Data Sheet

Professional  Microphone


The Eagle Pro P80 Microphone is a general purpose professional microphone with a robust design.

It is black finishes and has a flexible 190mm long gooseneck microphone arm.

The overall base size is 115mm wide x 55mm high x 160mm long.

The Microphone is Unidirectional.

A switch is located on the base. When the switch is centred the microphone is off.

When the switch is in the down position the microphone is permanently on.

When held in the up position the microphone is one until the switch is released, at which point the switch returns to the off position.

The cable from the microphone carries both the audio and switch wires and is approximately 1 metre long. It can be terminated to suit individual system requirements.



Used  with LLPA (Long Line Public Address) or DRA (Digital Recorded Announcements).

When used with LLPA or DRA the microphone is usually fed into a pre-amplifier via a 6.5mm jack plug. The microphone switching can be monitored by a PC by re-directing the LED / switch circuit via the CTS pins on a standard 9 pin comm port.














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