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Zonec (Zone Controller):

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The Zone controller is a flexible switch box controlled from a computer, that can be used to switch one to many or many to one communication channels.

Switching is controlled via a parallel cable connected a computer parallel port.

Zonec controller applications include:

·         Switch audio output to amplifiers.

·         Switch amplifier zones.

·         Switch between multiple devices for fault monitoring and status monitoring via a computer comm port.



·         Dimensions in inches: 7.25 x 7.25 x 3.75 (Depth, Width, Height). Allow for 12 x 8 x 4" for cable entry.

·         1V Peak to Peak audio, balanced at 600 ohms.

·         Output control switching and Audio out by block screw terminal.

·         Outputs dry switched for 24V DC or AC at max current of 50mA. Outputs must be protected from back EMF arising from inductive loads. Normally off or normally on contacts selectable by screw terminal (SPDT reed relay).

·         Switched outputs include 1 output per zone (where option taken) and 1 overall relay (SPDT reed relay) for amplifier selection. The latter relay always operates during DRA announcement regardless of zone selection and is intended for amplifier picking where necessary.

·         Mic input switching (for system detection of local user contention) - dry switch contact capable of switching 5V to 10V at 100mA with line and contact impedance not to exceed 20 ohms. (Operates a relay coil with back EMF dissipation fitted).

·         Mic interruption causes abortion of current message. Central user is notified. Message is not queued as this would prohibit local users from aborting the message. The central user must therefore relaunch the message if interrupted or if started while remote user has control.

·         Mic priority set by host PA amplifier (circuitry for this not included). Mic priority is expected to be to remote user.

·         Heat dissipation negligible.

·         Powered by an external 6v DC power supply.




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