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Satellite CIS (SCIS)

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The SCIS computer is a compact PC, that can be  mounted on a wall or within an enclosure.  Its compact size also makes it possible to mount it inside a display enclosure when required.

The unit has an external 12V mains power supply, facilitating site replacement.

The computer main board takes a fanless CPU which considerably improves reliability and helps reduce the need for cooling and ventilation requirements. It is therefore suitable for cool running airtight  enclosures and mounting inside cool running monitors.

The Operating System is typically Windows XP or XP Pro.

Communication with external devices can be  achieved using Comm Ports or LAN.

This system is particularly suited for installation without a mouse, keyboard or monitor. It is programmed to close down safely when the user presses the power button.

  • Overall Dimensions are  190 x 195 x 83mm, with four fixing points on flange.
  • Internally there provision for one PCI card, Hard Drive and a CompactFlash adapter.
  • All connectors and switches are located on one side of the unit.
  • A fanless 170 x 170mm main board with 600Mhz processor provides the basic computer services.
  • Rear connectors include: Onboard VGA, Audio, 10/100 LAN, RS232, USB, Mouse & Keyboard, Parallel Port.
  • Optional connectors available include second Serial Port, Fans, front panel devices and 2 extra USB’s.
  • Power consumption: idle 12W, loaded 18W without hard drive and peripherals.


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Power Supply
  • External 60 Watt, 12V Main adapter.
  • Windows XP (pro) Operating System.



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