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 WisETM and RCISTM Features:

RCIS is an acronym for Rail Customer Information System.
RCIS provides user data screens and outputs information to a wide range of display types.

Gantry at London Waterloo Station
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WisE is an acronym for Windows Information System (Extended).
WisE is the latest version of RCIS and incorporates all of the RCIS features and uses iconic buttons, menus and toolbars, providing tactile operation.

WisE timetable and status panel
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Diagnostic Map (Single Station with
DVC's and Monitors shown)
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  • Full MS Windows compatible - with proprietary DLL's for speed and security.
  • Full MS connectivity - including options for TCP/IP, IP6, Dial-up, ODBC. FTP, Mail and Multimedia.
  • High mean time between failure database - No instance of complete loss ever recorded (excepting rare hard disk fail) See Manual Example.
  • TD - (Train Describer signals link) Automation with analysis of next trains on different routes providing late detect, platform check, auto announcements. Maps provide a visual display of the trains location and progress.
  • TSDB & TRUST - (Train Service Data Base etc.) Both features are catered for in the software, subject to the various interfaces being made available. A manual SWOB style TSDB interface is available as standard. Optional CIF data input is also available.
  • Fully integrated audio - Broadcast quality with automated announcements, special announcements, remarks, and options to repeat messages at scheduled times and intervals.
  • Diagnostic Maps - Both monitors and the extire CIS system can be monitored via a diagnostic map. Maps can also help to track cable faults and communication bottlenecks.

RCIS and associated components provide a fully integrated CIS solution for Rail &Transport passenger information.
This can include HTML Internet pages for customer or staff use, with summary screen and platform information, diagnostic and station maps, and any other information pages that may be required.
With accessibility via any browser, information is widely available.

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When combined with pipedTM technology, the Internet browser can be used to control the CIS from remote locations across a LAN or the Internet via secure password protected connections.


For more detailed information about RCIS, please see our Configurations Catalogue and our published documents.

Proven responsive proprietary network For local area or wide area network or over a modem with inbuilt resilience to exceptions, failure and noise.
Modular Network Terminals can be added and removed without operation disruption
Modular Software Off the shelf options include flap extensions, Staff Select & Public Information Kiosk, mixed fonts, sequenced NTI (left next to depart), etc, all based on the same basic s/w
Highly evolved user interface Proving robust under extreme use and high on convenience
Internet connectivity Options include live internet information from a basic next day listing useful for holiday and engineering works through to a continuous live update

Many of the above features are optional. Always consult QSL for a list of inclusions.

See also Published data sheets etc.

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