Thank you for considering the RCIS solution.

This Internet version of the RCIS Configuration Catalogue provides a selection of customer information system configurations explaining the building blocks, upgrade potential and the applicability of each option.

Document Layout:

Please refer to the List of Contents for document layout including Sales Description, Configuration Information, Specification.

Cautions & Disclaimers:

The equipment described herein contains high voltage components and cabling. Additionally the equipment is fragile and care should be exercised in use and maintenance. Safety precautions should include observation of electrical safety regulations and frequent power safety checks. For maintenance and installation, this manual at all times assumes the application of skills by technically qualified authorised individuals who have attained suitable certification in electronics, computer studies, electrical safety and assumes individuals are competent with such equipment. For usage, this manual assumes that users / operators will be suitably skilled and trained.

Physical precautionary checks and frequent maintenance should also be carried out for structural safety and safeguard against obstruction including the inspection of heavy equipment, suspended equipment, sharp edged equipment and cable layout.


This catalogue / manual is not intended for reference and all configurations / information must be confirmed by an authorised member of QSL's staff.

No liability by the originators is meant or implied, financial or consequential or otherwise, in terms of safety, functionality, performance and / or accuracy by the contents of this manual or the systems it describes. QSL does not recommend this equipment where crowd control is critical to safety.

Contents, descriptions, specifications, procedures and equipment described herein are subject to change without notice.