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VoWTM - WiseTM

Long Line Public Address System (LLPA)


Appreciation Course Documentation



This document has been prepared as an overview for the VoW-Wise LLPA system. It outlines the system operation, capabilities, expandability and maintainability.

Other documents cover many of the more detailed operations of the individual software packages. The packages can be run independently of one another and therefore have their own manuals. When used in combination some functionality changes and this is often reflected in a specific manual or joint manual.

The LLPA system has three main components.

The main program for LLPA use is the VoW contact application. This is a modern looking graphical application specifically designed for its flexibility, versatility and expandability.

VoW is accompanied by Wise, a fully functional Customer Information System. Wise handles the train digital announcements which are based on the train timetable and read directly from the train record calling pattern.

In the background there are a number of independent programs performing essential tasks, these can be added or removed as required to customize the system operation. They include the following:

The Audio over IP controller and ZoneR controller software drivers, that enable fast connectivity with all the remote SCIS computers.

A  UPS battery monitor warns the operator of an imminent shutdown and performs a safe shutdown of the computer if the battery life nears critical.

Remote access software allowing engineers or operators to gain access to the PC from a remote location across a LAN network or the Internet. This help an operator to access the system from a remote location, or an engineer to perform remote diagnostic operators or perform updates.


The VoW Application

VoW can be configured various combinations to provide live announcements, help point assistance, manually implemented pre-recorded announcements and automated scheduled announcements. Each of these announcements can be directed to one or more locations. Output is virtually simultaneous even when all remote locations are addressed at the same time.

VoW can also be configured with the following useful features that are already built in. Many of these features are located on their one screen page known as a tab. They can be accessed from the menu or by clicking on the required tab.

Live announcements are made using the map LLPA map to select the location at which to announce the message and then activating the microphone switch. One or more location may be selected and the map has a useful drag selection feature to enable multiple locations to be selected in a single mouse move.


The Wise Application

Wise is a fully functional Customer Information System. It has been derived from RCIS as CIS application that has been in use at railway stations since the early 1990’s. Wise has been specially configured for IP networks and runs on the latest Windows Operating Systems.

When used with an LLPA system Wise handles all train digital recorded announcements based on the real time train timetable. Announcements are based on scripts that read the contents or the train record and its calling pattern. These scripts can be customized and saved for each individual train record or a standard default message can be applied for use when the records have not been individually customized.

The train records are fully editable and train records can be added and removed when required. In addition to the live timetable users can also save their own master timetables for use on future dates. These masters are extracted at 03:00 each morning to form the live timetable for that day.

Wise also has its own custom recording form so that users can record their own train announcements for non-standard occasions, such as festivals and other special events or excursions. These can be incorporated in into the train announcement script to make them a permanent addition or just a temporary one

This CIS package can be used in any of the 5 available modes.


The SCIS Remote Computers

These are Micro computers that have a very small size and can be mounted in a metal case with mounting lugs. The unit is ideal where space is limited and can be mounted in racks, fixed to walls or in the back of a display case.

They are fitted with a ZoneR, a proprietary PCI card that has multiple uses. For LLPA systems it is used to:

All remote SCIS computers has inbuilt diagnostic software. This software includes the audio playback and communication programs, EyesAFar to enable remote engineering access and an automated update program that allows the computer to receive updates from the control computer.


Capabilities and Expandability


The VoW – Wise combination opens up a wide range of possible uses and expansion.

VoW has three Map display tabs these are used to connect to remote devices. Each tab can be used to control an independent LLPA system and/or a Help Point system. Each map tab can control numerous locations / zones, there is no limit to the maximum of zones that it is capable of controlling. This makes the VoW system extremely flexible and expandable.

VoW can be used for many tasks that are not required in the standard LLPA configuration. These include the following features:



Wise also has a wide range of features that are used in a LLPA context. It is a fully operational CIS package.

In addition to the DRA service provided for the LLPA system Wise is also capable of providing the following features:



The SCIS remote computers are fully function and could be expanded to include screen display controllers. This facility would enable the control of multiple stations from a central location. This is particularly useful where there are unmanned stations.