Bletchley LLPA
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The VoW Toolbar normally resides on the left of the computer screen. It should always be left visible so that quick access to the maps and other resources is always available.

The text description on the button can be hidden by selecting the Show Text Name option of the View | Toolbar menu. The setting toggles on/off each time it is selected.

The Toolbar contains bottons that are used to quickly acccess specific tabs. Each toolbar button has a brief text description and an icon for visual identification.

The top Icon provides access to the main LLPA map.

The next icon provides access to additional maps or information screens, such the remote device configuration.
The Online button displays the reference tab and help pages.
The Email button takes users to the Email Tab.
The Remind button takes uses to the Reminders tab.
The Diag button tkaes users to the System Diagnostics tab.
The Logs button takes uses the user Logs tab with immediate access to the user notes tab and calendar too.
The Eng button is for Engineering access to the set-up and configuration tabs. To avoid accidental errors users are required to enter a password in order to access these tabs.
The Shed button takes users to the Scheduled Announcements tab that controls all automated announcements from VoW.
The RCIS button is used to access the Wise / RICS application. Wise provides all live and automated train related DRA announcements. When seelcted the button remains depressed until released.
The chime button turns on or off the chime. When on the button remains depressed with a tick on the button and all announcements are peceeded by an audio chime.
The Stop All button will stop all playback at remote locations. Announcements dispatched after the button has been pressed will still be played. This is not a mute option