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System Logs

When logging is enabled log files are greater whenever an action is required to be logged. There are several logging categories which are defined on the Engineering Log Tab.

Logs can be viewed by selecting the required log from the View | System Logs menu.

When selected a list box is displayed to allow the uesr to select which log they wish to view. The logs are listed in date sequence with day of month the the month and finally the year.

The Log files run from 00:00 midnight local time to 23:59:99 the following night. The are dated according to day on which are accessed. They only record information from the local terminal not the from other computers.

Log files cannot be edited. Any changes made during viewing will be lost.

Some log files will become very large and may take several minutes to open, so be patient. Close them after use.

The list box holds all available log file in date order.

The OK button accepts the log file selected in the list and opens it in a notepad editor for viewing.
The cancel button closes the form without opening a log file.

The delete button deletes the selected item in the list. The deletion is permanent.