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Reminder Tab

The Reminder tab enables users to create reminder messages. These can trigger alarms and/or send out email reminders on specific dates and/or at specific times.

The main purpose of this tab is to enable users to set up important reminders either for themselves or to remind their colleages.

The tab can be accessed by either clicking the Remind toolbar button or from the View | Logs and Reminders menu and then selecting the Reminders option.

The list box is automatically sorted with the earliest alarm at the top. All details can be edited and amended as and when required using the editing form.

The Reminders tab has several buttons situated at the top of the tab. These provide additional functions as follows.

The Add button opens the reminder editing box enabling the creation of a new reminder.
The Amend button opens the reminder editing box enabling the currently selected reminder in the list box to be edited.

The Delete button removes the currently selected reminder in the list box. This action cannot be undone. Users are asked to confirm deletion.

The Default button is used to set the default email address for reminder Emails and the sound to be played as a reminder warning.
The Pad button opens the currently selected reminder in the list box in a Notepad editor window. This enables additional functionality such as printing, email or page saving.

Editing Reminders

When a new reminder is created or an existing reminder is being edited the editing form is displayed.

All details are entered using this form. The user may select as many or as few options as they require, as long as a date and time are entered.

Title Description
Reminder Date This is the date on which the user is to be reminded. The time defaults to the current time and can be changed if required. Some of the form options enforce the use of the time as well as the date.
Send Reminder Email When ticked this option results in a reminder email being sent to the Email addresses provided.
Send After the Specified Time

When ticked this option forces the reminder to only be sent or alarmed after the date and time have passed.
If left unticked the alarm will sound at the first instance the program is running on or after the date entered.
If the program is running all the time it alarm and send Emails just after midnight.

Subject Line Description This edit box can be used to enter a subject line for an Email reminder. If no Emails are requested then it can be left unchanged or blank.
Send to Email Address This edit box is used to enter one or more Email addresses when an Email reminder is required.
Show Popup Message with Sound Alert & Clear Automatically This option presents a popup mssage box with the reminder details displayed on it and repeatedly plays the alarm sound until the reminder message is cleared.
Reminder / Message This box is use to enter the reminder message itself. If there is a subject line that explains it all then this box could be left empty.
Sound Alarm When ticked an audible alarm is play until the reminder message is cleared.
The OK button saves the reminder and closes the editing form.
The Close button closes the form without saving any changes made in the edit form. 
The Contact button opens the default mail programs address book so that contact email and phone numbers can be aaccessed. When the address book closes any selected email addresses are inserted into the "Send to Email Address" box.
The Settings button provides access to the user accessible default reminder settings.
The Use Default button save the Email addresses shown in the "Send to Email Address" box as the default to be automatically entered in the reminders box each time a new reminder is created..

Configure The Default Settings

Default settings will normally only need to be set once, but there may be occassions when these need to amended by the user. The configutation form provides access to these user definable settings.

Title Description
Logon Username / Email The Username for the users Email service.
Logon Password The Password for the users Email service.
Alarm Sound This is the full path and name of the sound file to be played when a reminder alarm is to be sounded.
The OK button saves the settings and closes the settings form.
The Cancel button closes the form without saving any changes. 
The Find button allows the user to browse the hard drive for an audio file.