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Rebooting the System

There are several ways to reboot the system depending on which applications are currently in use or available.

From Wise

To reboot the PC from Wise you must first display the "Other Configuration Menu" and then click the Reboot Self button which is located near the bottom of the form. Tehe form can opened from the Options panel, Main Menu form (with the five large buttons), or by hotkey combinations Ctrl+F5 or Alt+F5.

Form XPShell / XPClock

To reboot computer using one of these programs use the Tools Menu and select the Reboot PC option.

From VoW

To reboot the computer from VoW use the Maps | Reboot menu and select the This Computer option.

From The Windows Start Bar

This method may not be available if the Windows Operating System has been "locked" by engineers to prevent unauthorised access to the Windows Services.

The start bar is normally found at the bottom of the screen and can be display be pressing the Windows key which is next the the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

The start button is at the left of the bar. Clicking on the button will display the start menu and the Turn Off Computer option is at the bottom of that menu bar.

Once clicked a comfirmation box will be displayed and the user would normally choose the Restart option for LLPA and SCIS remote location computers.

Do not use Standby