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Online Reference

The Reference tab provides access to digital data, help page, manuals, techinical and engineering data. It can also provide access to the internet when required.

The main purpose of the reference tab is to provide access to this online documentation. Due to the extensive potential of online documentation, this reference tab also provides access to technical and engineering data that will be useful to maintenance personnel.

The tab can be accessed by either clicking the Online toolbar button or from the View | Maps and Help Points menu and selecting the Online References option.

The reference tab has several buttons situated at the top of the tab. These provide additional navigation functions as follows.

The Back button moves the current page display back to the previous page.
The Update button refreshes the current page, this will not usually be required for the online manual, help and engineering pages, but may be needed when using internet web sites.

The Home button takes users back to the main reference page. Engineers should note that normally this will default to the current site sub directory ..../html/index.htm  but this could have been configured differently using the Enginers Internet Tab.

The Internet Explorer button opens the current page in a browser window. This can be useful where the limited functionality of the VoW browser does not permit full internet functionality of printing, email or page saving. On some systems this feature will have been disabled to protect the system against inappropriate use.