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Main Menu

The VoW menu provides all essentual commands for the the VoW application.

Some menu options may be hidden or disabled when not required under the current system configuration.

The main menu titles help identify the options available as follows:

File menu

This menu provides access to file operations and closing of the application.

View menu

This menu enables navigation between tabs and other operations for the display of information. This includes all Tabs, System Log Files and Toolbar appearance.

Maps menu

This menu provides access to operations that effect the use of the maps. This includes making announcements, checking the system and rebooting.

Edit menu

This menu provides editing operations. This includes user Notes, users personal logs and setting night zones.

Announcement menu

This menu provides access to announcement operations including the Triggering of prerecorded announcements, making custom recordings and canceling announements.

Tools menu

This menu is used to start other applications such as Wordpad, Notepad, an Internet Browser and Email program.

Help menu

This menu provides access to help info and system data.