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Using  LLPA  Maps

The main LLPA map has buttons that represent each location zone at which announcements can be made. Each button is colour coded and has text message on it. The colour code provides a visual status of the remote SCIS device. See the LLPA Map Status page for more information on map button indicators.

The text on each button provides a brief, usually one word status message. In the bottom right corner of the buttons are the keyboard hot key buttons that enable activation of the location from the keyboard. Beside each button there is an indication of the what the zone or location is. Dark Blue text is used to indication a location such as a station name. Orange text beside the button is a description of what the zone covers at that location.

There are also two green buttons in the bottom left of the map.

The Chime button is used to send a chime message to all selected locations / zones. It turns red while the chime is playing and shows the text message “Chiming”.

The Announce button indicates the current state of the microphone. When the microphone is switched on the button turns red and shows a text message “Talking Live”.

The zone and location details of each map button can be confirmed by hovering over the button. A Windows tooltip box will popup displaying the details of the station and zone that it represents, followed by a SCIS status message. If a SCIS shows as failed a extended failure message will also be displayed following the location details.

The LLPA main operators map screen is shown below. It can be displayed by either:

Maps are usually diagramatic rather than precise replications of locations or systems. For LLPA the map will usually show the sequence of locations or zones in relation to one another, cable routes are not usually shown on the main system map. For a transport system the route is shown as lines that represent the direction of a route only, and may not represent the number of tracks or carriageways.

Making Announcements

Announcements are made in several ways depending on the time of announcement. See the Announcements page for details about the different types of announcement. The map is used to make Live announcements or to send pre-recorded announcements to select locations or zones.

Details about making Live announcements are covered here, for alternative methods see the Manually Triggering Announcements page.

Live announcements are made by first selecting the locations and then turning on the microphone. When the microphone switch is activated the LLPA selection is locked to provent further selection and the Announce button changes colour to red with the words Talking Live. When the microphone switch is turned off the Announce button returns to green again and the map buttons can be selected.

Locations and Zones can be selected in various ways, when selected the location colour changes to red.

Other Map Operations

The main menu and map popup menus provide access to a number of map features that may be required from time to time.

There two popup menus, their contents are also available from the Main menu. They are displayed by clicking either the right or middle mouse button on a location.

Mouse Map Selection

Left Mouse Click - Toggles selection on/off.
Right Mouse Click - Displays the Announcement popup menu.
Middle Mouse Click - Displays the DRA / Pre-recorded Announcement popup menu.
Left Mouse Drag - Selects objects within the selection box and deselects those outside it.
Right Mouse Drag - Deselects those objects inside the selection box only.