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Engineering Tabs

The engineering tabs are for use by maintenance engineers only. They have been password protected to help avoid accidental changes to the settings.

The tabs are used to check and re-configure the away that VoW operates and should not be changed. However if changes are required it is strongly recommended that a note is taken of the existing settings before they are changed, so that they may be re-entered if there is an unexpected or unwanted side effect from the new settings.

Tab Description
IP settings Allows the IP settings for Announcicom devices to be set, and displays a list of current map / IP Connections. For Bletchley LLPA it shows the button configuration for number for each of the stations and their zones.
Map Settings Provides some map diagnostic functions to help configuration of the system.
Help Points No Used. No effect on Bletchley LLPA.
Internet Enables the default home page for the reference tab to be changed.
Log Settings Enables logging to the diffferent log files to be turned on/off. 
Announcements Enables the default path to the scheduked announement files to be changed and displays all current scheduled announcements being queued.
File Sync Not Used
Visible Forms Enables certain forms to be visible. No effect on Bletchley LLPA.