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Email Tab

The Email tab provides access to an email service if an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and Internet Access has been provided.

Email services us the default Windows Outlook Email program to provide a user address book and inbox. A preview screen is provided to enable users to view the messages safely in text mode, this is far safer that using a html preview as viruses and addware cannot infect the PC.

The tab can be accessed by either clicking the Online toolbar button or from the View | Maps and Help Points menu and selecting the Email and Messaging option.

The mail tab has several buttons situated at the top of the tab. These are used to access the mail related services as follows.

The New button displays a blank email box into which the user can create a new email.
The Open button retreives the current contents of the Inbox and looks for new Emails. The sorting of the emails is pretermind  by the default email program.

The Names button opens the default email address book. Once the address book is open users can enter and edit their contact email addresses. This can also serve as a telephone book.

The Delete button removes the selected email from the inbox. If the Email service has been appropriately configured, the deleted email will be retained in the Deleted mail box until cleared by an engineer or until removed by the user via the default email program.

The Outlook button opens the default email application. This can be useful where the safer limited functionality of the VoW mail service does not permit full internet functionality of printing, email, viewing attachements or saving documents. On some systems this feature will have been disabled to protect the system against inappropriate use.

The default program is required when users need to save and edit draft emails, empty the deleted folder, set up new user accounts, print emails, save or open attachements, backup or export any of the Email services, accounts or folders.