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Using Diagnostics Tab

The Diagnostic tab provides access to network diagnostic tools that are intended for use by Engineers, however many of these tasks can prove useful to system users if there is an explainable loss of connection(s) with remote devices.

There are several display formats and screens depending on the system configuration. There will normally be a Ping configuration screen for engineering use and a diagnostic map.

The diagnostic map is dispalyed by clicking on the Map 1 button at the top of the tab. There may be additional buttons if the diagnostic are spread other additional maps. Once the map button is clicked the map will be displayed and the diagnostic check will be started. Progress of the checking is shown as a status message at the top centre of the tab. When the check is complete the status message shows Complete and a Retry button appears next to the status message.

When the checks are complete the results are shown on the diagnostic map screen in red text. If the remote device is responding an OK is shown against it, otherwise a No Reply from... will be shown against it.

A red dot is shown against the devices that are DRA enabled.  Coloured lines indicate a diagramic cable route showing the grouping of devices and their connectivity.

Be patient, ping tests can take several seconds for each device if there is no reply.

When devices respond to the ping request they are assumed to be working and connected otherwise they will not be able to respond. As Success message is shown in the Device Status / Reply box. If a device fails to reply on the first attempt the request is repeated, if it fails to respond to the second attempt to reach it, it is deemed to be unreachable or has failed.

The reference tab has several buttons situated at the top of the tab. These provide additional navigation functions as follows.

The Data button provides access to the ping address lists. When active the Data button is shown depressed.
The Map button(s) provides access to the diagnostic map screens. When active the Data button is shown depressed.
The Retry button is only visible at the end of the Diagnostic map checks. When clicked it restarts all the diagnostic tests again.

The Ping button performs a ping test on the remote IP address that apepars in the "IP Address to Ping" box. Device listed in the ping box can individually pinged by clicking on their IP address in the Pingable Devices list box and then clicking the Ping button.

The Ping All button is used to check the connection status of all netwrok devices listed in the Pingable Devices list box.
The Add button adds the IP address in the edit box to the Pingable Devices list box.
The Delete button removes the selected IP address in the Pingable devices list box from the list. The user is asked to confirm the delete before it is action. This action cannot be undone. If an IP is accidentaly deleted it must be added back in.

This button is provided for systems that support file syncing. These sync checks can take anything from several minutes to hours to complete. They are usualy only required if a device has been away for repair.

An Add button is also available in the sync section to enable users to manually select data files that need sync'd.