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Making Custom Recordings

Announcements can be recorded using this form. They can be used as Manually Triggered Annoucements or as Scheduled Announcements.

This form is opened from the Announcements menu by selecting User Recordings and then Record Announcement.

Record Starts the recording process from the start of the file. You cannot start recording from the end of an existing filerecording or insert into an existing recording.
Stop and Save Stops the playback or recording operation and saves the recording under the filename shown in the Available Custom Recordings drop down box.
Play Starts the playback of the recording.

Stops the current action without saving any changes.

Rewind  moves the current position for playback back to the beginning of the recording.
Close Shuts the form without saving.
Delete Removes the recording selected in the Available Custom Recordings drop down box from the hard drive. A warning message is given before the deletion is undertaken.

See the Play Recordings Form for further details on how these recordings can be used.