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Announcements - Introduction

The Bletchley LLPA & DRA system is a LAN based network comprising of a control room PC operating multiple remote station PC's.

Local announcements at remote locations take priority over all control room announcements. When local announcements are being made the control room with see the microphone in use (Busy) warning on the LLPA map and the button will change colour to give a visual warning. See the LLPA Map Status page for more information on map button indicators.

Making Announcements

The control PC can be used to make several types of announcements as follows.

LLPA (Long Line Public Address)

This service provides live announcements to be broadcast to one or more zones at one or more station locations simultaneously. Live announcements are made via the control room microphone. See the Using LLPA Maps page for further information.

SRA (Scheduled Recorded Announcements)

This service provides a means of automating pre-recorded announcements at scheduled times and repeating those announcements at user definable intervals between start and end times. This is acheived through the use of pre-recorded messages that are stored at each location. See Using Scheduled Announcements for further information on this subject.

DRA (Digital Recorded Announcement)

This services provides announcements for train running information, based on live train data and fully editable train records. This service is provided by WISETM (Windows Information System Extended) the latest version of RCISTM (Railway Customer Information System).
See the WISE help pages for further information about WISE and DRA.

Manually Trigger Announcements

These are played at specific locations by first Selecting locations on the LLPA map and then chosing the required pre-recorded announcement from the menu or a list of recordings. See the Using LLPA Maps page or Manually Triggering Announcements for further information.

User & Custom Recordings

Users can record their own custom messages using the Custom Recordings Form for use as DRA or Scheduled announcements.


These can be played before an announcement by activation the chime option. When de-activated no chimes are played.