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Accessing Wise & DRA from VoW

There are several ways to access Wise & its DRA services depending on the current program that you are using. See also Accessing VoW from Wise.

Using VoW

If you are using VoW you can quickly switch to the DRA program by using the keyboard Hotkey, VoW Toolbar or the Windows Task Manager or Start Menu.

The hotkey and Toolbar options are usually only accessible when VoW is on top of other applications. There is no menu option available for this operation.

The keyboard hotkey is the PrtSc (Print Screen) key usually found near the top right of the keyboard.

The Toolbar button can also be used to switch between VoW and Wise. The Toolbar is usually located at the far left of the VoW screen and is also visible when Wise is in use. When Wise is visible the button remains depressed as shown on the right.

Whether you use the hotkey or the button the effect is the same. VoW will scroll off to the left to reveal Wise which will bring itself to the top of all other windows. The toolbar is located at the left of the screen. To reshow VoW click the toolbar button again, or select any of the other toolbar buttons for other required screens.

Using the Windows Task Manager

The Task Manager can be used to switch between open Windows programs by holding down the keyboard Alt key and repeatedly pressing the Tab key to move to the required program.

As each key press is made a selection box will move to the next program and a description of that program will appear in the box below the Icons. Once the selection box is on the required program release the Alt key and the program will displayed on top of the others. If the wrong program is selected then repeat the process again.

This is also a useful way to access Notepads, Logs and other user opened documents that have been left open.

Important Note: Do not close programs required for the correct operation of the system. These include the following which should never be closed, if they are closed accidentally they can be reinstated by rebooting the PC.

Application Purpose & Effect of Closing Applications
VoW Contact All scheduled announcements will cease, no live announcemnets will be possible and all other services provided by Wise will be unavailable.
Wise All DRA automatic announcements and related services will cease.
XPShell / XPClock This is a special utility program that runs all the time in the background. Its primary task is to start the system and provide Engineering access to the system. There will be no long term problems if this is closed. Most operations and features are password controlled.
AOIP There are four forms associated with the application. They normally run hidden from the user and should never be closed. Closing them will result in all announcements ceasing and contact will be lost will all remote locations.
Update Server This application normally runs hidden in the background. It is only required when the system is rebooted or a remote SCIS has been re-activated such after an engineering task or LAN router maintenance. Ideally it should be left running, but may be closed if necessary. If any engineering repairs are undertaken on the system the control PC should be remoted to ensure that this application is running.
Notepad All notepads are user opened and can be closed at any time.
Explorer & Internet Explorer

Explorer should never be used in normal use as it can lead to accidental deletion of system files and corruption of the operating system.

Internet Explorer is a user opened application and can be closed at any time.

Using The Windows Start Bar

This method may not be available if the Windows Operating System has been "locked" by engineers to prevent unauthorised access to the Windows Services.

The start bar is normally found at the bottom of the screen and can be display be pressing the Windows key which is next the the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

The start bar shows all visible applications. The current application being used on top of all others is shown as a depressed button. To display the application you require simply click on the start bar button with that applications title on it.
repeated clicking on the button has the effect of toggling the applications status in one of the following ways depending on its current state.

  • Show application.
  • Hide application.
  • Bring application to the top of all others.