LLPA Overview:

QSL offers two classes of LLPA system. The first is a standard RCIS Modem LLPA (featured below) and the second is the Enhanced WisE VoW CIS & LLPA system with links listed next...



Queensgate offers an advanced Digital LLPA system. LLPA stands for Long Line Public Announcement.
Example features and components are demonstrated below.

LLPA The system is modular and comprises MPU's (microprocessor units consisting of PC's) at each outstation connected by modems controlled by one or more user terminals.

Messages are created in the user terminal, compressed and transmitted to each or all outstations as required. The outstation decompresses and plays through a sound card.

Features (subject to options taken) include digitised speech for low loss, auto alternate path communications, pre-recorded announcement compilation, etc.
VoIP With modern advances in Broadband technology, speed, and low costs, it is now the ideal method of connecting computer systems over long distances.

Previous limitations of leased lines and modem connections can be forgotten, but are still available in situations where broadband in not available.

LAN and WAN networks are also very suitable for both LLPA and VoIP services.

RLLPA Specifications:  


(As used at outstations and for User Interface)..

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Zonec (Zone Controller):

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Images and specifications are typical and particular equipment shown may be replaced by other similar equipment. All specifications subject to options purchased and subject to change. RLLPA is a trademark for the Queensgate Systems component of DLLPA. Note that among other exclusions, amplifiers, outstation microphones and speakers are excluded. QSL Terms apply.