Queensgate Systems Ltd, Est 1991.


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    Featuring  RCIS TM  with  piped TM   Technology
    for Globally Controlled Dynamic Customer Information Systems


       In Brief

     Railway Customer Information Service

    20 man years development experience in Software and Interface Hardware excelling in the provision of tactile and robust PC-based solutions.

     Public Customer Information Systems

    Advanced Timetable Database predominantly for the railways.
    Point of Sale Information Systems.
    OCR-based systems.
    Internet Accessible Database Solutions.

     Support & SLA

    Daytime & evening call out, 24 hour answer line.
    50+ man years of rail-technical experience.
    Web Support Portals tailored to each system.
    Advanced Project Management facilities featuring pipedTM Internet based project tracking.

     Domain Names & Broadband Services

    QSL is a reseller of Broadband and Internet services.
    Broadband services are available to UK commercial customers with BT telephone lines primarily for industrial purposes where combined with an appropriate SLA.

    Home for Queensgate Systems Ltd., UK.

    Suppliers of display S/W and H/W suitable for Public Transport Information on Plasmas, PAL monitors, LED screens etc.

    QSL predominantly supplies to the Railway sector but also to Air, Shipping and Bus sectors.

    The QSL Internet division is participating in the development of WWW.PIPED.COM.

    See About QSL for Copyright and Disclaimers.

    Product Areas Include
    Customer Information Systems
    Point of Sale Systems
    Long Line Public Address
    Automated Announcements
    LCD, LED and Flap Display Drivers
    Bespoke Software Solutions
    Internet CGI Solutions
    Remote Access Solutions
    Web & Email Hosting Services

    Latest Innovations